Ladies and Gentlemen,
We treated more than 2.5 million patients in the past financial year.
A healthcare provider with around 160 facilities can deliver this level of service only if everyone pulls together. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my personal thanks to our employees: Only by working together with you can we overcome the challenges in our industry. I would also like to thank you on behalf of my colleagues on the Management Board for your tireless and outstanding dedication. It is for this reason that the guiding theme of this year’s annual report, “COHESION”, is particularly important to me.

Tireless cohesion was also the foundation of our business development in 2019. Despite even stricter regulatory interventions, we have succeeded in growing our revenues.

Outpatient services and new business segments accounted for a greater share than in the previous year. One thing is clear: Just like all stakeholders in healthcare, the core business of Asklepios is increasingly influenced by legislators. The consequence of these well-intentioned but frequently impractical regulatory requirements are encountered daily on the ground in hospitals. The most prominent example is the looming threat of gaps in care personnel due to the new lower limits, which is putting the operation of entire departments at risk especially in smaller hospitals.

Asklepios recognized this challenged early on and has put sensible measures in place. In the past financial year, we hired almost 800 new employees for the medical service and are therefore well equipped to meet new requirements. At the same time, we are healthcare pioneers and trailblazers campaigning for the valuable and sensible migration of international nurses and have been in contact with leading politicians many times in relation to this.

We have not only invested in our personnel, but also in our hospitals, in cutting-edge equipment and innovative technologies. We are also helped in this regard by the increasing momentum behind the digitalisation of our processes. With digital solutions along the entire value-added chain such as the patient-friendly provision of medical services via samedi, the digital hospital based on the M-KIS platform, or optimum aftercare provided by the Care-Bridge discharge management system, we are progressively reducing the administrative workload for doctors and nurses. This is freeing up more of their time, which they can devote to patients. At the same time, the digital transformation makes it possible to open up entirely new business segments. In short: Asklepios is progressively transforming itself into an integrated healthcare provider that supports its patients throughout the treatment cycle from prevention to medical treatment and all the way to aftercare.

Cohesion is also the guiding principle behind the ongoing development of our investment in the RHÖN hospitals. At the end of February, we reached an agreement with RHÖN founder Eugen Münch to bundle the respective interests in a joint venture, thereby pooling strengths of both companies directly. Our goal once the transaction is complete is to influence the further development RHÖN from a majority shareholding position. We firmly believe that we can continue to expand the potential of RHÖN in the interests of patients and employees.
There is good reason to consider the new type of Asklepios healthcare. We want to continue to continue to grow profitably and are taking a solution-driven approach to our preparations for the impending changes in our sector. Driven by population growth and demographic change, health is and will remain a robust growth market. At the same time, there are unmistakable shifts in the hospital market: advances in technology and the expansion of outpatient treatments are fundamentally changing the character of medical care. It is foreseeable that ever-stricter regulatory requirements will lead to further consolidation in the healthcare sector. This presents new opportunities for strong and forward-looking players.

Asklepios will also continue to develop consistently in the interests of patients in the financial year 2020, and will initiate measures to sustain our medical excellence, innovative strength and profitability into the future.
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Never Walk Alone
Health. Together.
The complexity of health can be addressed only by collective endeavour. Through interaction between dedicated healthcare workers and patients. ”Become well. Live well.” is not a solo effort – Never walk alone.
About Asklepios
Asklepios was established in 1985 and is now one of the largest private hospital operators in Germany with around 160 healthcare facilities. Our business activities have always been geared towards top-quality, future-oriented medical care for all our patients. Across our wide range of services, we provide our 49,000 employees with wide-ranging tasks and exciting challenges. We have medical facilities in 14 federal states in Germany.
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To the benefit of patients
for a future-oriented business model
Asklepios is known in Germany and further afield for its advanced medicine. However, we are not content to rest on our laurels. For many years, the company has been driving its transformation from an operator of hospitals to an integrated, digital healthcare group. This further development has produced various innovative services that are now part of everyday life for patients. What specific services are these? How do they support patients and other participants in healthcare? And how do they contribute to healthcare that is better networked overall in Germany?

We outline our modern approach to patient care based on a fictional patient history corresponding more or less to the type encountered daily in the Asklepios hospitals.
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Between cost efficiency
and investments
“Cohesion” can hardly be more impressively demonstrated than in numbers: revenues of EUR 3,537 million, around 160 healthcare facilities and almost 2.5 million patients treated at Asklepios in the 2019 financial year. This type of performance can be achieved only by collective effort. Hafid Rifi, CFO and Deputy CEO of Asklepios, is responsible together with his team for controlling and optimising the financial key figures across the Group. In the interview, he talks about how this complex task can be overcome, the importance of agility in the area of finance and what trends are currently motivating equity investors as well as debt investors in particular.
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Between society
and companies
We can look back on yet another successful year. With a clear focus on the highest standards of medical quality, ongoing innovations and social responsibility, Asklepios has not only achieved economic success, but has also created value for all its stakeholders.
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Between patient
and care
Maintaining a positive and open culture in dealing with mistakes and errors is a top priority at Asklepios: The most important question is “What happened?” rather than “Who is to blame?”. To identify mistakes and errors as early as possible, Asklepios uses the reporting and learning system “CIRS”. Reiner Heuzeroth from the Quality division (KBQ) is a clinical risk manager, technical expert and patient safety manager at Asklepios. Together with his team colleagues, he has set up a comprehensive system of clinical risk management based around the flagship CIRS solution.
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Between the employees
“We all share a common objective: to cure the patient.” That is a key insight of the participants at the “Change of Perspective” workshop. Doctors get together with management trainees for the first time to exchange ideas. The aim is to break down prejudices and foster mutual understanding.
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Together Social
In real life, in digital life
Cross-location collaboration in virtual expert groups, news, wikis, blog articles and chat functions in real time – ASKME, the new mobile social intranet at Asklepios, makes it all possible. Using either a PC, a smartphone or a tablet, all employees can access the intranet, exchange ideas, provide feedback and thereby communicate and cooperate with one another easily and at any time.
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Between skills
At Asklepios, a total of 47,000 employees in 160 hospitals bring their experience and expertise to bear each day for the health of our patients. This wealth of expertise presents us with unique opportunities and sets us the important task of effectively networking the diverse capabilities and expertise and optimising their interaction – both in the individual hospitals as well as across locations and with external partners, such as doctors providing treatment or emergency services. Only through a concerted policy of cohesion can we deliver the best possible treatment to our patients and maximise the effectiveness of our investments.
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